Face in the Forest

18th October 2012
On our first day in the Smokies this fall, I was taking pictures of the autumn foliage behind the Primitive Baptist church in Cades Cove. As I focused on a solitary limb with colorful leaves, I saw a face staring back at me. I thought, ok, it's just my imagination. I took three different photos and it was still there. A crowd gathered and everyone saw the face. Comments were, " that gives me cold chills", "It looks like Jesus with a crown of thorns", My thoughts were, it's my guardian angel. If you enlarge the photo, the face is not there. I promised the small crowd that gathered that I would post the photo. Some things are not meant for everyone to see. Make what you will out of it, a shadow, a reflection, a spirit. It's not intended for a debate, I just know that I still feel goosebumps when I remember.