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Smoky Mountain Posters
29th November 2011
It's been a busy time since October and our trip to the Smokies. With several new products offered at Zazzle, I've been busy trying to catch up before the holiday season.
I've been adding new designs to all the Speck and Casemate cases in my Electronic Accessories category, and trying to add a few new Christmas gift items to my store. I've made a few of the autumn photos available as posters.A great gift idea with a variety of sizes and framing options available. Check them out in my Smoky Mountain category at
Tennessee Backroads Photography

Autumn on Little River Road printAutumn at the Grist Mill printSmoky Mountain Autumn at Metcalf Bottom print

Autumn Trip to the Smokies
29th October 2011

We had a wonderful trip to the mountains this past week. The leaves were beautiful! On a scale from one to ten, experts said this year was a nine. Although it rained one day we drove and viewed the leaves, the rain saturated the color and made them more beautiful. Made the drive to Cataloochee to see the elk and took a different route out. We traveled the narrow road from the valley back to Cosby and into Gatlinburg. The foliage was beautiful on this road, we were truly in the "mountains". I've added a few photos to the Galleries page in the Smoky Mountain and Wildlife portfolios. I will be creating new products and also offering prints for sale in my Zazzle store at Tennessee Backroads Photography The mountains were beautiful as always!
Amish Living
09th September 2011
I have a deep respect for the plain and simple lifestyle of the Amish. I doubt in our hectic societies and our busy lifestyles, few of us would survive in a peaceful setting with no electricity, no electronics, television, video games..and the list goes on. But those things come with a price. Stress, bills, trying to measure up to someone else. If we could only learn to put everything aside for a while and get away to a quiet spot and just enjoy life and God's beautiful creation.

Zazzle now offers new poster and framing options along with Canvas Wraps. Below are a few examples featuring the Amish farm life. I'm sure you will think they are wunderbaar (wonderful) ~

Amish Plain Living print

Three young Amish boys direct two teams of mules as they pull wagon loads of tobacco onto a busy country road.

Amish Farm Life wrappedcanvas

Two Amish sisters out for a walk. The white farmhouse and red barns are in the distant background with a field of green grass and a bright blue sky.

Amish Buggy Ride at Sunset wrappedcanvas

The sun sets in the distance with it's hues of blue, purple and orange as a lone Amish man rides rides in his horse drawn buggy at the end of day creating a silhouette against the colorful nighttime sky.

Amish Reflections print

A collage of Amish photos conveys a peaceful and simple lifestyle. An Amish tobacco harvest with wagons and mules, tobacco in the barn, an Amish buggy,school house and a farm scene complete this peaceful setting.
Western Wedding Shop
04th August 2011
Just opened a second Zazzle store. Western Wedding Shop features customizable wedding invitations and matching products to make your Cowboy and Western themed ceremony a lasting memory. You'll find denim and lace, turquoise and cowboy boots, and lots more.It is a work in progress, so check back often for new products. Yee Haw!

Turquoise Western Wedding invitationTurquoise Western Wedding binderTying the Knot Western Wedding invitationWestern Wedding Rope envelope
Memorial Day Trip
18th June 2011
We drove up to Cades Cove on Memorial Day. It was a long drive, but worth it. We saw mama bears with cubs and a few deer. The highlight of the two trips around the cove was at the last pass by the Sparks Lane cross over on the back side. Those who know me know I love Pileated Woodpeckers. My friend yelled from the back seat, "LOOK AT THAT". There was a pair of pileated's by the side of the road, just outside her window, tearing apart a dead log. I jumped out with camera in hand while Jimmie put on the brakes and they took pictures from the car. All of a sudden the car began to move (I was using it as a brace) The horn began to blare and the birds took off. Jimmie's foot had slipped off the brake and he hit the horn! He managed to get the car in park and they jumped out. The woodpeckers returned and we were all shooting away. If you were in Cades Cove on Memorial Day afternoon, waiting in the line, it was NOT a Bear Jam, it was a WOODPECKER jam! I ended up being the one to move the car out of the road. As I was getting back out, a truck passed with several young men in the back end. One said, what did they see? The other said, some birds! The other said, "Glad to hear it" They just don't understand!!

Pileated Woodpecker printCades Cove Black Bear printGrey Squirrel Portrait print

Spring Trip To The Smokies
27th April 2011
Our annual spring trip to the Smokies to view the wildflowers went well. Storms threatened but never happened. We saw Trout Lilies and Blood Root this time. We've always been too late to seen them in the past. The tom turkeys were strutting and gobbling in Cades Cove, on Sparks Lane. We were able to get several good photos of them with their feathers ruffled! Added some products featuring them to my Cades Cove Buck category at

Cades Cove Turkey printTom Turkey print

Home Sweet Home
07th April 2011
We're off to the Smokies this weekend to see the wildflowers. Can't wait to visit my home away from home. In the meantime I've found a new "Home Tweet Home" for my Eastern Bluebirds. This unique house/feeder is the newest addition to my backyard. Be sure and visit my Backyard Birds category at Zazzle. Tennessee Backroads Photography

Bluebird Home Sweet Home print

Signs of Spring
12th March 2011

Signs of Spring print

An Eastern Bluebird perches outside his house waiting for spring. Male and female bluebird have been busy preparing their nest for the new arrivals. A sure sign that spring is on the way! I hear the early wildflowers are blooming in the Smokies. I'm looking forward to a few days in the mountains in April to see the beautiful blossoms. There's been a lot of activity in our backyard with the bluebirds, cardinals, robins and mockingbirds. Spring is definitely right around the corner. Drop by and see some of our backyard friends! Backyard Birds
A New Adventure
03rd February 2011

Yorkie Paws print

As a wildlife and nature lover I haven't had a lot of experience with pet photography. It's not that I don't love domesticated animals, it just hasn't been my "thing'. Recently I decided to add a pet memorial and gift category to my Zazzle shop and did a photo shoot with an adorable Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are very playful and energetic but she was a great model and very cooperative. I just might branch out and do a few more pet subjects if I can find a willing subject. Check out my new Pet Paws page.
Beautiful Blue Eyes
05th January 2011

Blue Eyed Saddle Horse print Blue Eyed Saddle Horse Ornament Blue Eyed Saddle Horse Print

This beautiful spotted saddle horse has one blue eye and one brown. He was running in a snow covered field on Christmas day. The cedar trees in the background were covered with snow and made a peaceful white and green backdrop. I must admit I know very little about horses but they are one of my favorite animals. They are so carefree when they are running or grazing in a peaceful setting. We had a deep snowfall in Tennessee on Christmas day, the first in several years. We spotted this beauty while driving on the ridges and rural backroads enjoying the snowfall.
Winter Wonderland in the Smokies
12th December 2010
With snow already on the mountain tops and ridges of the Smokies and a winter weather advisory in effect, the mountains are a beautiful site. There are some great pictures coming from those who live there, but reports are all Park roads are closed. We live four hours away, but I would love to see the snow. Just wanted to share a few photos from vacations past and a little help from Photo Shop. I really would love to see the real thing, maybe some day. Turned these into Christmas cards,mouse pads and other great gift ideas. See my store at Zazzle

Mountain Snowstorm cardWinter Christmas Landscape cardHome for Christmas cardSeason's Greetings mousepad

Holiday Spirit
01st December 2010
Trying to get in the Christmas mood. I've been designing a few novelty t-shirts and canvas shopping bags with Christmas themes. Check them out in my Country Christmas category. See my store at Zazzle

You Better Be Good shirtGingerbread Man Christmas Memories shirtGingerbread Christmas Goodies bagHoliday Snowflake bag
Autumn in the Smokies
09th November 2010
Wanted to share a few of the photos we took in the Smokies last month. I posted these as posters in our web store and they can be purchased there in various sizes by clicking on the image. Rustic homesteads were surrounded by autumn leaves in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Carter Shields and Henry Whitehead cabins in Cades Cove are two of many pioneer structures preserved in the Smokies. A full moon rises over the mountains in Cades Cove on an autumn evening in October. The sky turns to hues of mauve and blue as nightfall descends in the cove, and the sunlight was just right to cast golden reflections on Little River. We had a wonderful time.

Days Gone By printRustic Homestead printNightfall in Cades Cove printAutumn Reflections print

Winter Approaches
06th November 2010
There's a heavy snowfall in the Smokies, wish I could be there to see it. With the winter comes the holidays. I've been busy designing Christmas ornaments for my store at Zazzle. Here's just a sample. They are fully customizable and can be used for many things;they make great ceiling fan pulls, hang them over your rear view mirror, use them for birthday gifts! Great collectors item.

Mingus Mill Christmas ornamentBlack Bear Camo ornamentPorcelain Bells ornamentCades Cove Primitive Baptist Church ornament

Amish Country
14th October 2010
A familiar sight in Ethridge Tennessee, an Amish buggy sits peaceful and still waiting for the owner and horses to return. My daughter and I took a trip to Amish country last weekend. It’s only a little over an hour from us and we always enjoy visiting. The leaves were just beginning to change with a hint of fall in the air. We bought molasses and muscadine jelly. The amish children are so adorable! I have a great respect for the Amish and their simple lifestyle.

Amish Buggy print

A Sad Farewell
11th October 2010
The hummingbirds are gone from our feeders for this year. I miss seeing the tiny jewels dropping by for a meal. Even though it's sad, i know they must answer the call of nature and migrate in order to come back for another season. They are truly remarkable creatures and even though I'm looking forward to autumn, my favorite season, I will think often during the long cold winter months of the tiny hummers and look forward to their return in the spring. For the past two years, sometime in April I have heard a thud on my back door glass and looked out to see a tiny face hovering in mid-air as if to say, "hey, we're back" Their instinct is incredible!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird printHummingbird Landing print

Sunday in the Smokies
04th October 2010
When we visit the Smokies we always enjoy stopping in the old churches, especially in Cade's Cove. There is an old piano in the Methodist church and we always stop and play and sing Amazing Grace. I did a photo collage of some of our favorite churches in the Smoky Mountains. I updated the collage to add an overlay of ferns and a few embellishments to dress it up. Added the second version to my Inspirational category. Click the photos to see it in our stores.

Sunday in the Smokies print Smoky Mountain Churches

Don't Feed the Bears!
30th September 2010
It's almost time for our yearly fall trip to the Smoky Mountains. Just a reminder to everyone, while you are enjoying the wildlife, Please DON'T FEED THE BEARS! Feeding wildlife causes them to become conditioned to human food. A fed bear is a dead bear.

Please Don't Feed The Bears! shirtDon't Feed The Bears bumpersticker

Big Kitty Kats
22nd September 2010
I have finally uploaded a few of the photos from our last zoo trip. They are in the Exotic portfolio on the Galleries page. Most of them are the big cats, Cougar and Bengal tiger. They are all tagged with 800 numbers. Hope you enjoy them!

Nashville Zoo
07th September 2010
We had a wonderful Labor Day trip to the Nashville Zoo. They have a wonderful variety of animals and you can also take a tour of the original plantation house and grounds.It was a great opportunity to take some great photos. Check back soon as I will be posting pics.